Gunnar Nylund Teapot Rorstrand Rörstrand 40-50s Sweden Stoneware Scandinavian

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A nice and rare teapot with water pot made of  stoneware, with brownish speckled matte glaze.
The set is made up of one teapot standing on one water pot.

Design, Gunnar Nylund, Rorstrand, Sweden,  around 1940-1950. Since the mark Sverige is used and not Sweden this pot was manufactured before 1951.
On the front picture (and the last picture) you can see the designer Gunnar Nylund demonstrating the teapot to the Swedish King.

Rorstrand, Three crowns, GN, Sverige

High 21 cm  (from the bottom to the top knob when both pots stand on top of each other)
Weight ca 1090 g
Capacity: The teapot holds 0,5 L water and the water pot holds 1 L water

Checked with UV light, The teapot appears in excellent condition. Its marked as second quality but I can not see any flaws with it. But as with all handcrafted pottery there could be slight variations in the glaze and clay.

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