Gunnar Nylund Bowl Rorstrand Rörstrand 40-50s Sweden Stoneware Scandinavian ASE

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A nice big stoneware bowl, with blueish/turquoise/brown mixed speckled matte glaze.

Design, Gunnar Nylund, Rorstrand, Sweden,  around 1940-1950. Model name is ASE


Rorstrand, Three crowns, GN, Sweden, ASE

Height 5,5 cm  / 2,1 Inch
Diameter 16,8 cm / 6,6 Inch
Weight ca 648 g

Checked with UV light, The bowl appears perfect accept for a minor glaze line to the rim which only can be seen with uv light. I can not see it with the eye or magnifier. (see last picture) The bowl is first quality.

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