Chinese antique bowl decorated in iron red and gilt, Sanduo, Tongzhi M&P #1713

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A high quality bowl decorated in iron red and gilt with four bats surrounding a longevity character on one side, and the other sides with the so called  "three abundances". The base with handwritten six character Tongzhi mark and from the period.

The Three Abundances also known as the Three Plentys or Three Lucky Fruits are known in Chinese as san duo.

The design consists of a Buddha's hand citron fo shou; Peach and Pomegranate, symbolizing the message of 'good fortune, longevity and many sons' because the first syllable of fo shou is a pun on 'Fu' meaning good luck. The peach is a symbol of longevity and the pomegranate with its many seeds stands for many sons.

Condition: Condition: Perfect condition, just some manufacturing flaws.


Diameter: 13,5 cm 

High: 6,5 cm 

Note: Wooden stand is NOT included in this sale!