Antique Chinese vas/lamp rose mandarin, first half of the 19th c #1343

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A beautiful rose mandarin vase made into a lamp. First half of the 19th c.

Size: 60 cm High excluding the lamp part

Condition: Mounted to be used as a lamp. The porcelain has got extensive repair, re-glued cracks and retouches. However the front side picture is in good shape and while use as a lamp you would not notice the repair much. The vase have been cut and drilled for electric wiring. We have included 30+ pictures so you can examine the condition and judge yourself.. General wear. Electric is working when tested, but we do not guarantee the function of the lamp.

Friendly reminder: You are buying an antique object, not a new or unused item. In addition to the major flaws mentioned in above condition report, you can expect to find insignificant micro nicks/fritting’s, wear and other traces of usage. If you need additional pictures or information, please contact us in advance.

Note: Sweden uses 220-240 V 50 Hz electrical current. If your country uses an other electric current like US or Japan you may need to use an adapter to convert the current before using. The Wood stand is NOT included in this sale.