Antique Chinese blue and white batavia brown cup, Ca Mau Yongzheng Period #1359

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Nice little blue and white cup with cappuccino glaze or so called Batavia brown glaze. Ship wreck find from Ca Mau. Ca 1730, Yongzheng period. 

Condition: Extensive glaze crazing and oxidation from being under the sea water for hundreds of years.


Cup: Diameter: 6,5 cm, High 3,6 cm

weight 39 g

Note: Wooden stand is NOT included in the sale

The Ca Mau shipwreck refers to a Chinese cargo sunken sometime between 1723 and 1735 off the coast of Vietnam’s farthest point in the South China Sea, discovered by Vietnamese fishermen in 1998. It is believed the wreck was a Chinese merchant’s junk on its way from Canton (Guangzhou) to Batavia when it caught fire and sank. The merchant had ordered the goods on board for Dutch traders, who had limited access to China and its ports.