Unique Design Natural Amber Necklace and earrings Egg Yolk Butterscotch #1859

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Unique Design Natural Amber Necklace Baltic Amber Swedish Amber Egg Yolk Butterscotch #1859




100% Natural amber, sterling sliver 


Hand polished amber 


Necklace length: around 50.5CM.


Necklace:25.05 g, earrings: 2.51g

Year of production

Amber was naturally formed over 40 million years ago.  Each amber bead on this necklace was hand-polished around 1950s.

Design style

Classic unique

This necklace was hand polished from Swedish natural raw amber stones, every pearl has got different inclusions,  It is rare to see so unique and special egg yolk necklace.

Good vintage amber necklace condition. Because our amber is all 100 % natural, and has not been treated or processed in any way, so natural cracks, inclusions is normal and can be expected. This is a sign of true natural amber. Please note this before you buy natural amber jewelry from us!

Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings.