Antique Natural Amber Necklace Baltic Amber Egg Yolk Butterscotch 50g #1868

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Antique Natural Amber Necklace Baltic Amber Danish Amber Egg Yolk Butterscotch 50g #1868




100% Natural amber 


Hand polished amber 


Necklace length: around 44cm.

The biggest pearl: 25*17MM, the smallest pearl : 9*7MM.

Weight: 50g 

Year of production

Amber was naturally formed over 40 million years ago. The amber on this necklace is antique and was handcrafted from raw Danish amber stones from around 1940's. 

Design style

Classic unique

This necklace was hand polished from Danish natural raw amber stones, every pearl has got different shape and inclusions, very beautiful and interesting.

This is antique amber which has been treasured and used by people for many years. For this reason you will find traces of usage such as nicks and scratches which is normal and expected. Because our amber is all 100 % natural, and has not been treated or processed in any way, so natural cracks, inclusions is normal and can be expected. This is a sign of true natural amber. Please note this before you buy natural amber jewelry from us!

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